We’re typically engaged to help:

  - an organisation understand its current state regarding Inclusion & Diversity

  - key stakeholders build a robust and organisation  specific Inclusion & Diversity Strategy and Action Plans

  - identify key bias hotspots and implement bias mitigation strategies

  - leaders build inclusive teams

  - guide strategic problem solving / innovation processes


understanding your Inclusion & Diversity current state

Our diagnostic processes enable an organisation to gain invaluable insights  into: its current (and industry relative) levels of diversity and inclusion; as well as its primary challenges and opportunities. A targeted diagnostic ensures the organisation's Inclusion & Diversity strategy and related Action Plans are fit for purpose.

developing your Inclusion & Diversity strategy / action plans

Utilising our tried and tested framework, we assist key stakeholders to build a robust I&D strategy, together with focussed action plans designed to enable the organisation to achieve its broader business objectives.

identifying and mitigating bias

A key plank in building an inclusive and diverse workplace is the identification and mitigation of bias in organisational policies, processes and practices. We work with your people to identify bias hotspots, and undertake relevant policy and process redesign as well as implement required behavioural changes.

building inclusive teams

Our facilitative process enables team leaders and individuals within the team to understand the interpersonal dynamics at play (including in-and out-groups), as well as identify optimal processes for maximum participation irrespective of differences, so the team can perform at full strength.

Strategic problem solving and Innovation

Innovating and solving complex problems is a core function of most teams.  Yet often the process used for these activities is ad-hoc or limited. Consequently, the full creative potential of each team member isn’t being leveraged.

We’ve used our deep knowledge of cognitive diversity, interest based problem solving, team dynamics and agile methodology to develop a process which maximises the innovative capability of teams. We help organisations leverage the full value of diverse teams; delivering powerhouse solutions for competitive advantage.

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